Insulated Pipe Bends
Before PUF insulation is spread, return bends should be equipped with the system of operating remote monitoring and welded extended arms should be checked.
Industrial coated elements such as bends, swages, offsets, penstocks, variators and cradle beddings are all optimally protected and coated with polyethylene jackets similar to those of the whole insulating system of a heating conduit. They are also equipped with signal conductors and are parts of the general operating remote monitoring system. To get high quality work of the heating conduit which is equipped with such a system, erection and exploitation of it should be carried out by professionals.
“Tvertrubplast” Ltd produces urethane foam insulated bends, T-bends, swages, fixed panel piers and their pipe elements, bellows expansion joints, lock valves and final elements with an output cable of operative remote monitoring system.