Convoluted Polyethylene Two-ply Pipes

Fields of Application

Convoluted polyethylene two-ply pipes are considerably flexible and need no additional fitting. An outer layer of polyethylene pipes is convoluted and very hard due to its form. An inside layer is rather thin and provides hydraulic parameters.

Convoluted two-ply pipes serve for underground laying at a depth of 10 meters. At the same time a minimal depth of laying is 1 meter.

Taking into account all the security specifications and requirements the pipes can be laid into all types of ground.

Fields of Application

Fields of Application:

  • nonpressure and storm sewage laying;
  • drainage pattern utilization;
    • overwetting soil, swamp and field dewatering;
    • drainage of roads, pavements, highways ,basements, cellars, communications and different areas for preventing subsoil and rain waters damage;
  • protection of high and low tension cables used for lining of electrical, telephone, computer and television networks of no more than 1000V of alternating or direct current which are made of insulated lines, cords and cables and laid in buildings, under the ground or in the open air from mechanical damage and environment attack