Polyethylene Pipes for Fiber-optic Communication Lines

Защитные   трубы

Communication cables in plastic jackets (including fiber-optic communication lines) can be laid into protective polyethylene pipes by traditional technique of tightening by a leader-cord as well as by high-speed blowing-in method. Thus, protective polyethylene pipes are used for laying of communication cables (including optical ones). There are two types of this procedure for cables in plastic jackets. These are leader-cord tightening and high speed air blowing-in.

Protective polyethylene pipes are laid trough water barriers straight into the ground, pipes, elements of bridges and platforms at cable ductwork construction under the surface.

Technical and economic advantages in comparison with asbestos-cement and metal pipes:

  • possibility of laying in corrosive medium and service life of more than 50 years due to high corrosion resistance to the environment;
  • possibility of laying through water barriers;
  • high vibration resistance;
  • high impact resistance even at a low temperature (temperature service interval is from 60o below zero to 60o above zero (C);
  • ease and reliability of joining;
  • due to flexibility few fabricated shapes are used;
  • elasticity and safety at water freezing;
  • thanks to their light weight the pipes are easy to keep, store, transport and assemble;
  • excellent ratio of price and quality in comparison with other types of pipes;
  • the pipes are harmless for human health;